Norwegian composer and musician
Diatonic and chromatic accordion

Bjørgo’s playing should convince even die-hard accordion sceptics of the expressive power which this much-maligned instrument is capable of, when in the right hands.” (Dagbladet (N))

Sweet music for the ears” (Lira music magazine (S) about Bjørgo&Reistad “Huskelappen”)

The accordionist has released “Borderland”, which is a beatiful album. It offers light, but high-quality entertainment” ( (DE)

1 month ago
Bjørgo & Reistad

Tonight at 22.30 in Duiven, The Netherlands!

1 month ago
Bjørgo&Reistad - Kjør/Go! - Diatonic accordion / guitar

«Kjør/Go!» by Bjørgo&Reistad has been rearranged and turned into a "circle». "Google translate" is installed on my phone, and we are ready for our first Balfolk.
Bjørgo&Reistad-concert Friday ... See more

Bjørgo&Reistad Music: Kjør / Go! (mel: I.Bjørgo/ arr: Å.Reistad) Ingunn Bjørgo (diatonic accordion) Åsmund Reistad (guitar, barytonguitar, loopstation). www....

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